By Zoe Greenwood

In the northeastern United State they are called tag sales.  Most everywhere else in the country they go by names like garage sales ,rummage sales, white elephants, and yard sales.  Essentially though, they all amount to the same activity: People go through their closets, attics and basements to find items that they no longer need, then put those items out in their yard and/or garage, each with a price tag, and sell all of it to other people.

recycleThe “garage sellers” find themselves with cleaner, more spacious homes and some cash in their pockets.  And the shoppers go back to their cluttered homes with all sorts of “new” stuff and some great bargains to brag about.  Plus, a lot less ends up in the landfill.  Personally I have both found and sold some treasure through garage sales, and received and given lovely gifts via rummage sales.  Antique collectors have been adding lots of treasure to their collections this way for years.



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